We invite you to take a unique journey for the mind and body, letting your 5 senses guide you.

  • Harmonize

    Your body, mind, and soul.

Welcome to SANAGUA
a place for internal health and physical beauty

We aim to restore your internal health, without ignoring the physical appearance, using specialized products of high quality, selected with care and attention.
Aside from Exotic Rituals, we offer our clients:


SANAGUA SPA seeks to go further than a simple superficial approach and to transport you to a world of relaxation and well-being.
We seek to restore your inner peace, without sacrificing your physical appearance using products from all over the world.
Our teams will adapt each therapy to your needs, offering you an unforgettable experience.


Massages inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, originally from India and considered to be the oldest holistic medicine in the world: it considers the human being as a whole, body and mind. We adapt our ultra-personalised massages to your needs and desires of the moment.
Come and experience an exceptional moment, a time-out, where your whole being is calibrated through touch, pleasure and disconnection, the key to a healthy life and well-being.

Our experienced Therapists are at your disposal to help you define the most suitable
combination for your physical and mental state of the moment.


Our “Auteur” suggestions for an extraordinary wellness getaway: awaken all the senses, provide unique sensations, bring absolute relaxation and disconnect from routine to relaxation and disconnect from routine to achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit.

About Us

SANAGUA, created in 2020, has the ambitions of becoming a major player in the operation of Spa in Hotel Resorts 4 and 5 in Spain. Our philosophy is divided into 3 fundamentals: people, nature and sharing. Sanagua considers the human being as a whole, body and mind achieve a balance, the key to well-being and a healthy life, hence our Holistic approach to the Spa.

We believe in the benefits of nature, which is why we want green, organic, natural and committed cosmetics. The exclusive formulas used guarantee maximum effectiveness.

They are the result of the discoveries of our partner Laboratory Phytomer & Phytoceane. We are convinced that our development will be achieved through sharing and discussion with our employees, accompanied by our working methods that encourage initiative, autonomy and responsibility.

What our customers say about us

Very satisfied with the staff and the services, my family and I had a great time and enjoyed the day! Thank you all for making this happen!

Really neat and tidy, just the way we like it. We both had a wonderful time but our favorite was the Polynesian couple massage, thank you very much!

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