Tailor-made & holistic
Spa Experiences

Our Proposal is a holistic SPA experience, perfectly integrated with the hotel’s unique identity, values and standards.

We value sustainability and we aim to create exclusive luxury experiences by integrating local traditions and nature’s offering with a special care for the environment.

Our Hospitality


With more than 12 years of experience in the hospitality Industry, Sanagua is specialised in managing & creating experiences inside 4 & 5 star hotels.

Our present focus is on developing, implementing & managing the full operations of premium & luxury SPA Resorts.

We are commited to providing extraordinary service experience and building long-lasting relationships, offering each client / hotel a unique and personalized integrated spa service solution.

Our Philosophy


Sanagua SPAs are proof of our SPA phylosophy, based on the fundamentals: people, nature & sharing.

We consider the key to a healthy life is treating the human being as a whole: body, mind and spirit, hence our holistic approach in the SPA.

We believe and trust in the benefits of nature, and we are commited in creating a green business while offering organic, natural & sustainable cosmetics & rituals.

Our current

SPA Identity

Our universe is centered around the sea, nature and sensory escape. We use materials related to this universe, wood, wicker, linen and colors reminiscent of these codes, turquoise, beige, green, pastel.

Under the Sanagua SPA brand, we take the SPA RESORTS as they are without structural work on our part, then we renovate or redecorate the spaces in order to be in line with our identity.

Our Vision a
Resort Spa Experience

A holistic sensorial experience of nature
Our vision is to fully immerse our guests in a luxurious sensorial experience that caters to the relaxation & rejuvenation of the body, mind & spirit.

We are cause-driven in our efforts to use sustainable eco-friendly products that not only protects our guests and our staff but protects the nature at the same time.

We offer you a Holistic Spa in which the benefits of nature are used thanks to the development of a careful selection of rituals and products with a low carbon footprint.

Our Value Proposition

We love to always surprise the client high quality and superior services, increasing the level of satisfaction and enjoyment of their whole vacation experience.

Furthermore, we intend to guide our guests in discovering the benefits of the holistic philosophy, all through a simple, understandable ecofriendly offer based on an innovative customer experience.

Tailor Made Experiences for All Inclusive Guests

Immersive Family

Discrete Technology

Holistic sensorial

partenered brands

In our past experience, as an all-inclusive beachfront spa operator it was natural for us to work with the best brands in the world in terms of sea & beach cosmetics. Moreover, in our efforts to create a better connection with the earth’s elements, we chose to promote the excellence of the local producers who shared our values and our philosophy (Finca Canarias, Volcanique Cosmetics, Gaia Natural products).

Thanks to our our Partner brands, we can create signature treatments exclusive to Your Hotel. We have managed to create the perfect blend of globally recognised products inspired by the sea, together with exclusive locally crafted products inspired by the earth. Last but not least, we have selected a special range of products designed and produced especially for kids.