Your Spa without any
operating constraints,
to devote yourself fully to
your hospitality activity

Our proposal is to completely immerse your client in the vision you have defined for your resort.

We enhance your property by developing exclusive Spa experiences just for your brand, fully aligned with the hotel’s unique identity, values and position.


Our Proposal is a holistic SPA experience, perfectly integrated with the hotel’s unique identity, values and standards.


Your Spa without any operating constraints, to devote yourself fully to your hospitality activity.


Based on your identity and vision, we can develop and manage an exclusive concept specially created for your hotel only.


Surround yourself with an expert in the sector, for the creation or optimization of your well-being space. Valérie Le Mao will accompany you in all your projects. is the General Manager and Expert consultant of Sanagua Group.

Our Eco-friendly
Best Practices

Today, the expectations of both the public and employees are very demanding in terms of respect for nature and working conditions.

Through our charter of good practices, we strive to have the lowest possible carbon footprint while welcoming our customers and our employees in the best conditions.

Respect for nature

Nature is at the heart of our products, and we strive to protect and respect it. We work closely with a network of partners who ensures complete respect of harvest sites, seasons and reproduction periods.

Eco-conscious staff & procedures

Our staff training and procedures are designed with nature in mind, avoiding unnecessary  waste at every step of our day-to-day operations, both in front-office as well as in back-office operations.

Sustainable mindset

When talking about nature and sustainability, our values go beyond what meets the eye, making sure our efforts transform our staff, partners, clients & other stakeholders in eco ambassadors that are proud to welcome this philosophy in each aspect of their life.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Phytomer, our main cosmetic partner, has been awarded the ECOVADIS GOLD certification every year since 2019. GOLD status ranks them in the top 5% in ECOVADIS’ ratings (The World’s Most Trusted Business Sustainability Ratings).

Eco friendly packaging

Whenever possible, the cosmetics that we use are packaged in plant-based and recyclable materials such as Recyclable plant-based tubes, Packaging made with natural paper from sustainably managed forest, Recyclable glass jars & PET bottles that can be recycled up to 8 times.